Frequently Asked Questions

We have developed the FAQs based on frequently asked questions by our members.
Please review the FAQs below for an answer to your question(s).

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Account:Personal Information
I Can't Remember My Nickname and/or Password. How Can I Find It Again?
Click on the Forgot Password link the homepage of the site or enter your email address in the Forgot Your Password box on the login page. An email will automatically be sent to that email address with the information you need to log into your profile.

How Do I Change My Email Address or Password?
Click on Edit My Personal Information on the navigation bar. From there you will be able to change your personal information.

What Is The Status Of My Profile?
Your profile membership is free and goes in effect as soon as your profile is approved by a Customer Care Representative. If you have purchased a Platinum Membership you can see its status by clicking on Membership Information on My Home or on the navigation bar.

Profile Settings
How Do I Delete My Profile?
You may delete your profile from the site at any time by clicking on the Delete link in the Profile Status section on My Home. Once deleted, your profile will be gone for good and cannot be reinstated. If you are a Platinum Member, your membership will be lost. Instead of deleting your profile, you may elect to Hide it, making available to you, but not to other members.

How Do I Hide My Profile?
You may hide your profile from other members at any time, by clicking on the Hide link in the Profile Status section on My Home. Once hidden, your profile will not be visible to other members, but you will still be able to make any edits to it and even send mail if you are a Platinum Member. Members you have written to will only be able to see basic information about you (Gender, Age, Location), but not your entire profile, until you decide to show it again. They will also be able to reply to any messages you have sent them. The people who's profiles you are looking at while hidden will not be able to see that you have viewed their profile.

Email Notifications
Why am I not receiving flirt and new mail notifications in my email?
In all likelihood your Junk Filter(s) only allows you to receive e-mail from addresses appearing in your Contacts, service announcements from your email service provider, and messages you have consented to receive. By relaxing your filters, or by explicitly allowing messages coming from to be delivered to your account, you should be able to receive your notification alerts for new messages and Flirts.

Instant Messenger
What do I need to use the Instant Messenger?
3 things are necessary to use the Instant Messenger: 1. You must have Flash installed on your computer, 2. You must have your pop-up blocker disabled, 3. You must have javascript enabled on your browser